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Sunday, 25 February 2018

Complaint Filed Against Papon For Kissing A Minor Girl

Complaint Filed Against Papon For Kissing A Minor Girl

Singer Papon has a miracle to kiss a minor participant in a reality show.  Complaint Filed against Papon for Kissing a minor girl for sexual assault. Runa Bayan, who advocates in the supreme court, has launched a complaint under the Poko act against the PPO in the national child rights protection Commission.

However, Papon has said that he is being "Harassed" without any fault because he will never behave in indecently. All reality TV show of a channel. Singer Shaan and singer and composer Himesh Reshammiya is also the judge in the show.

Papon said that if you had a bad intention he would not share this video on his Facebook page. Papon has also separated himself from the show.
Complaint Filed Against Papon For Kissing A Minor Girl

The singer tweeted, At the moment I am not mentally prepared to handle my professional responsibilities, so till the matter is resolved completely and I have decided to leave the judge’s show till the completion of the investigation.In this case, I have been wrongly implicated.He said,” However, I am not saying that I did not make a mistake.

I have done this in a natural way, but in today's environment, no matter how hard you think, touching the girl cannot be advised. I am sorry for that. People accuse me being naive and stupid, but do not call me Abominable names.”

He appealed to the media and his fans that they “ consider both sides of the night or day before you are my public reputation and reputation of the girl. My family in the difficult hour.”

It is reported that the Maharashtra state women commission is also taking care of the phone case.
State women Commission has said that the decision was taken to issue notice and make a complaint filed against Papon For Kissing A minor girl and the producers of the show, where this incident happened.
Complaint Filed Against Papon For Kissing A Minor Girl

They say that the work of watching the security of children the commission will ask him what they are taking and will take it forward. A case has already been filed under POSCO. The police are also taking action on this. The commission will talk to the Mumbai Police on this whole issue.

At the same time, filmmaker Amol Gupte and has given a talk about this. Amol has been making children's films.

He has said on this whole issue that when a film is made, any movie team is completely prohibited from talking to the children or approaching them as much as possible.

He is speaking of himself as children from children and take full responsibility for their protection and is very important when you are doing any kind of project with children. However, he also said that he has not seen that video yet.
At the same time, tell that singer Shaan, in his first Twitter address, set in favour of Papon and said that he knows that the Papon is innocent. They have not done all this with any wrong intentions.
But later he removed his tweet. On the other hand, Raveena Tandon, angry on Twitter, wrote that singers should be arrested for this move.

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